Psychiatry in Action Lab

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Welcome to the Psychiatry in Action lab!

The lab is led by Dr Noham Wolpe, a clinical psychiatrist and a researcher.
Our broad interest is in how mental health factors, such as mood and motivation, affect our everyday actions and movements.

Recent work

The relationship between apathy and drug-induced sedation in schizophrenia

British Journal of Psychiatry cover.

We show that reduced motivation, which is part of what is called 'negative symptoms' in schizophrenia, is partly explained by medication-induced sedation. This has significant implications for the as yet poorly treated negative symptoms in schizophrenia.

Link to full open-access manuscript

How does the pre-supplementary motor area exert inhibition?

Brain image with the pre-supplementary motor area highlighted. Our recent work shows it exerts inhibitory control by adjusting the brain's thresholds for making a response.

Our work (full manuscript) shows that the pre-supplementary motor area exerts inhibitory control over our voluntary action by dynamically adjusting the thresholds for making a response.

Here's a mini-talk on these findgins at the 'EPS Workshop on Decision Making in Voluntary Action' in 2021.